• Petroleum geologist with extensive Appalachian basin experience.  
    Over a quarter century in the petroleum industry.
  • Appalachian, San Juan, Powder River, Raton, Black Warrior, Permian, Michigan basins in the US
    Silesian basin in Poland
  • exploration
  • development
  • gas storage
  • tight sands
  • ooalbed methane
  • unconventional reserviors
  • saltwater disposal
  • environmental issues associated with produced fluids    

Currently an independent consultant, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Performed contract work on behalf of United Energy Development Consultants (UEDC) for several clients, starting in 1990.  Previously, ten years as a petroleum geologist for Consolidated Natural Gas (CNG), a large independent, from 1980-1990.  Worked for CNG Development Company, a production subsidiary located in Pittsburgh, PA, from 1983-1990, and with East Ohio Gas Company, a utility subsidiary located in Cleveland, Ohio, from1980-1983.


Petroleum Geologist, United Energy Development Consultants, Pittsburgh, PA

  • Integrated geological mapping with chemical and biologic data to formulate mechanisms for arsenic production in Abo gas sands along the Pecos River in Chaves County, New Mexico, for a GRI funded study.  Linked problem wells to fault zones, allowing the majority of wells in the field, not within the zones, to resume production.

  • Identified potential underground injection zones on previously uncharacterized formations comprising over 10,000 feet of stratigraphic section in the Black Warrior Basin, Alabama, for a GRI funded study on produced waters management. Resulted in increased options for disposal of the large volumes of water associated with coalbed methane production.

  • Evaluated data in the San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado, to identify areas of optimum injection potential and address the contamination risk of overlying aquifers by fluid migration from the injected zone, for a GRI funded study on produced waters management. 

  • Characterized the Antrim shale in the Michigan Basin and identified mechanisms for NORM scaling and souring in this formation.  This GRI funded study used mud log and completion data on over 100 wells along with chemical and biological fluids sampling from select wells. Results of this study allowed for appropriate remediation work to be performed.

  • Performed gas storage evaluations, including scoping assessment to determine potential for historic depleted and current producing fields in the northeastern US for a Canadian gas utility and evaluated underground natural gas storage reservior management across the US for the Department of Energy (DOE).

  • Evaluated coalbed methane potential in Poland's Upper Silesian Basin.  

  • Performed drilling program evaluations for local Appalachian basin clients.

  • Mud-logging.  

Petroleum Geologist, Consolidated Natural Gas, Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland, OH

  • On behalf of CNG Development Company, a production subsidiary, performed regional mapping, conducted field studies and evaluated logs and production to generate economic oil and gas prospects in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.  Plays included the Silurian Clinton-Medina in Ohio, Northwestern PA and New York; and the upper Devonian Elk, Bradford and Venango sands in Pennsylvania.   Increased percentage of high-grade prospects by mapping depositional environments, structure, porosity and porosity/feet to infer the diagenetic controls on these tight sand formations. Was also able to identify causes of production decline and poor production in development areas, leading the company to lessen their exposure in two joint venture operations and improve prospect selection on infill locations in several fields. 

  • Conducted numerous coalbed methane studies in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  

  • On behalf of East Ohio Gas Company,  a utility subsidiary, performed well-site geology, reserves analysis and yearly gas volume estimates (based on log parameters and production decline curves from company and gas purchase contract wells), conducted regional mapping and acreage evaluation.  Determined acreage tracts with farm-out and development potential.