BA Earth Sciences, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH 1978
graduate courses, West Virginia University, 1986-1993
Groundwater hydrogeology
Advanced petroleum geology
Carbonate & sandstone diagenesis
Clastic sedimentation
Carbonate sedimentology
Basin tectonics
Stormwater Management: Using Trees and Structural Soils to Improve Water Quality, NUCFAC, 2008
An Introduction to GIS and Community Analysis, New Urban Research, 2005
Hazard Tree Seminar, Arbor Day Foundation, 2001
Petroleum Geology of the CIS (former USSR), University of Tulsa, 1992
Theory and practice of ground water monitoring and sampling, NGWA, 1992
Fundamentals of ground water contamination and remediation, NGWA, 1992
Modern shaly sand log analysis, Restech, 1987
Geographix well base software, 1987
Subsurface mapping methods, CNGD, 1986
Carbonate depositional facies analysis, CNGD, 1986
Marine clastic facies analysis, CNGD, 1986
Fluvial deltaic facies analysis, CNGD, 1986
AAPG Modern clastic depositional environments, RPI, 1985
Seismic interpretation, CNGD, 1985
Thrust belt computer modeling, CNGD, 1985
Well treatment, Halliburton, 1984
Oil exploration and risk analysis, CNGD, 1983
Log analysis, Schlumberger, 1983